Joint authorship agreements are important legal documents that outline the rights and responsibilities of authors who collaborate on a creative work. These agreements help to ensure that the rights to a project are properly allocated and that all parties are aware of their obligations.

Here’s an example of a joint authorship agreement for a book:

Agreement for Joint Authorship of [BOOK TITLE]

This agreement is made on [DATE] between [AUTHOR 1 NAME AND ADDRESS] and [AUTHOR 2 NAME AND ADDRESS] (collectively referred to as “the Authors”).


The Authors have collaborated on the creation of a book titled [BOOK TITLE]. The Authors have agreed to jointly own all rights and interests in the book.


The Authors agree that they will jointly own all rights and interests in the book, including but not limited to the copyright, and will hold themselves out as equal co-owners of the book.

Revenues and Expenses

Each Author will be entitled to a proportionate share of any revenues generated by the book, whether from sales, licensing, or otherwise. The percentage of ownership and revenue share for each Author will be equal.

Each Author will be responsible for their respective expenses. No Author shall incur any expenses on behalf of the other Author without prior written consent.

Credit and Attribution

Both Authors will be credited as co-authors of the book in all editions and formats. No Author may publish the book in their name or with their name listed as the sole author without the prior written consent of the other Author.


This agreement shall remain in effect until the copyright in the book expires.


This agreement may only be terminated by mutual written consent of the Authors.

Governing Law

This agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the state of [STATE], and any disputes arising out of or related to this agreement shall be resolved through arbitration.


This joint authorship agreement represents the agreement between the Authors regarding their collaboration on the book [BOOK TITLE]. By signing this agreement, the Authors acknowledge their joint ownership of the book and agree to abide by the terms set forth herein.

In conclusion, a joint authorship agreement provides important legal protection for authors who collaborate on a project. This example agreement outlines the key terms and conditions that should be included in such an agreement for the creation of a book. It is important for all parties involved to carefully consider the terms of the agreement and seek legal advice if necessary to ensure that their rights and obligations are properly outlined and protected.